The Better Work Map

This map has been created by the Better Work Network to locate progression-focused initiatives that are or have been in operation across the UK.

The purpose of the map is to increase the visibility of this valuable work, to help workers find local support options and to strengthen the networks between providers and stakeholders, enabling them to learn from each other and share best practice.

The map includes a range of different initiatives, including:

  • Individual support – support programmes designed to help low-paid workers to improve their employment situation through the provision of advice, support or training.
  • Employer engagement - working with employers to support them to improve skills, pay or progression opportunities for low-paid employees within their business.
  • Research and policy advocacy – projects which aim to improve the evidence base on in-work progression or aim to change practices to better support those in low paid work.

This map is an open and collaborative project informed by many of our Better Work Network members.

If you would like to include a specific initiative on the map or have any questions or comments about this work, then please fill in this online form or get in touch with the Better Work Network team.

How to use the Better Work Map

You can use the map and table to identify different initiatives from across the UK. Hovering over the marker on the map will provide more information about that initiative. Clicking on a marker will take you to the organisation or project website (where available).

You can use key terms to search for specific types of initiatives, for example through target group, region or support type. For example, you can search for a target group such as “parents” to find initiatives focused on parents. To clear the search, either delete the term and press Enter or click the ‘Reset’ icon (the backwards arrow) at the bottom of the screen.

The ‘Filter by Type’ and ‘Filter by Region’ tools allow you to view initiatives related to the geographic regions or types of support that you are interested in. Uncheck ‘All’ and check the relevant boxes to view the types of initiatives you are interested in.”

The map is best viewed in full screen by clicking the icon at the bottom right hand corner.