•Unemployment is 1,411,000, is down by 5,000 from last month’s published figure (quarterly headline reduced by 12,000) and the unemployment rate is 4.2%, no change on last month and also no change on last quarter.
• The ONS figure for claimant unemployed is 898,700, up by 7,800 on last month, and the claimant rate is 2.5%.
• The number of workless young people (not in employment, full-time education or training) is 1,004,000, down by 1,000 on the quarter, representing 14.3% of the youth population (up 0.1 percentage points).
•Youth unemployment (including students) is 524,000, and is down by 1,000 on the quarter.
• There are 1.7 unemployed people per vacancy. Learning and Work Institute estimates this figure may rise slightly next month.
• The employment rate is 75.7% (up 0.1 percentage point on last month’s published figure and up 0.3 percentage points in the preferred quarterly measure).