Work in progress: Low pay and progression in London and the UK

This report combines both quantitative and qualitative research, and has a particular focus on low pay and progression in London. This focus is important as many of the challenges the report uncovers are particularly acute in the capital.

On the basis of findings, the report makes short- and longer-term recommendations to government. As immediate priorities, it identifies the development of a best practice toolkit for supporting progression; changes to the way Jobcentre Plus success is measured; and unlocking the £2 billion Adult Skills Budget to support those in work and most at risk of low pay and poor progression. In the longer term, the report recommends the creation of an ‘open source’ Innovation Fund to rigorously test new approaches to improving retention and progression; a ‘Progression Pact’ within the Universal Credit Claimant Commitment; and the development of a new employment and skills model – ‘Employment Plus’ – that combines support to find work, stay in work and progress in work.