The future of Jobcentre Plus

Our response below reflects the six areas where the Committee has asked for evidence. We make four key recommendations:

1.That the Department brings forward a Command Paper on the future of Jobcentre Plus, setting out its proposals for the resourcing and design of services, local integration, devolution and claimant support. This should form the basis for a wider consultation on its future.

2.That a ‘what works’ centre for employment is established – to enable us to test, learn from and share what works in supporting those further from work.

3.That local and national government commits to testing through the next round of Growth Deals a true Public Employment Service – providing job matching and brokerage support to all of those seeking support to start, change or create new jobs

4.That local and national government agrees a framework for local alignment, integration and future devolution of employment support – based around Local Labour Market Agreements