Scotland’s Future Employment Services

This paper sets out research evidence on key parameters of employment programme design, with implications for future programmes. It is intended to act as a resource for the Scottish Government and its stakeholders in designing the devolved successor to the Work Programme.

The paper is structured around twelve key parameters:

1. Client Assessment – how we understand participants’ distance from work and diagnose their support needs

2. Measuring Distance Travelled – how we measure non-employment outcomes

3. What works for whom – a high-level summary of what works

4. National, regional and locally targeted services

5. The benefits of Private, Public or Third Sector Delivery

6. The black box approach versus specifying minimum service standards

7. Partnership to support jobseekers with the most complex needs

8. Encouraging innovation in service delivery

9. Payment by Results

10. Contract size, length and shape

11. Best practice in commissioning and management

12. Mandatory and Voluntary programmes