Best practice in designing and delivering pre-apprenticeship programmes

Learning and Work Institute is delighted to be working in collaboration with J.P.Morgan to identify ways in which organisations can design and deliver pre-apprenticeship programmes, that provide a pathway to apprenticeships for young people, across Europe.

For the purposes of this project, pre-apprenticeship programmes are defined as programmes targeted at young people aged 16-24, where the aim is progression to an apprenticeship. Following a call for evidence we identified a number of organisations across Europe that exemplify best practice in the design and delivery of pre-apprenticeship programmes. We undertook deep dive case study visits with each of these organisations to explore their pre-apprenticeship programmes in detail, including the local economic context, the sustainability of programmes and key success factors.

We have developed practical resources and tools to support providers in the design and delivery of their own pre-apprenticeship programmes.

  1. Case studies: L&W undertook deep-dive study visits with five selected pre-apprenticeship programmes between May and June 2018 to gain in depth data about their delivery models, the outcomes they achieve, challenges experienced and critical success factors. We have developed written case studies based on our findings from each visit.
  2. Final report: This research report details key findings of best practice in the design and delivery of pre-apprenticeship programmes across Europe. The report draws together findings from scoping research activities as well as deep dive study visits to pre-apprenticeship programmes across Europe.
  3. Summary report: This short summary report explores key points from our research on best practice in the design and delivery of pre-apprenticeship programmes across Europe.
  4. Design and delivery resource: This interactive resource has been designed so that you can navigate easily through the different stages of programme design and delivery. It can either be used as a step by step guide to programme design and delivery, or you may prefer to select one or two sections of the resource relevant to a particular aspect of your programme. The self-assessment tool located within the resource will help you to identify elements of your programme you might want to consider developing.
  5. Top Tips: This document includes key, practical learning points for pre-apprenticeship providers who want to develop and expand their programmes.