Mental Health in Further Education (MHFE)

Our Mental Health in Further Education (MHFE) website is designed to promote good mental health in adult learning. It’s a user friendly resource, built to support anyone with an interest in the subject, particularly:

  • Managers and staff working in further education learning and skills
  • Information, advice and guidance workers
  • Mental health definition services
  • Employment definition services
  • Students
  • Carers and friends of people with mental health difficulties

The site has three main aims:

  • To raise awareness of how mental health difficulties can impact the learning process and of the many strategies available to support learners with mental health problems.
  • To grow a friendly  and active community in our forums.
  • To act as a ‘hub’ for a wide range of mental health and learning resources. We regularly update our website with new content, and point you to useful resources developed by other people.

The site is here to make your life easy. There is lots useful information about mental health and learning out there, but never before has it been all under one roof.