Low pay and the development of progression-focused pathways

Building on the Better Work Network’s existing work around the development and evaluation of approaches to supporting in-work progression, we have led a strand of work to focus on low pay and the development of progression-focused pathways as part of the European Agenda for Adult Learning.

This package has sought to identify ways of working, expand the evidence base and share lessons with regional, UK and European partners to support the development of bespoke approaches to improve skills and progression for those in low-paid work.

Developing progression and upskilling pathways for employers – a sectoral focus

This review investigates initiatives designed to create or develop upskilling pathways within sectors by working with groups at risk of in-work poverty. The report seeks to promote wider awareness and understanding of effective sector-based approaches to tackling skills challenges and supporting in-work progression.

Supporting low-paid workers with an ESOL need to progress in work: top tips for providers

This guide aims to help organisations working with low-paid workers who have an ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) need. This includes ESOL providers or voluntary sector organisations of all sizes, working in all contexts to develop and deliver provision that effectively supports low-paid workers to progress in work

Both outputs were developed by Learning and Work Institute (L&W) as part of work co-funded by the European Commission and the UK government.