Local People: Local Growth

Since 2012, we have been at the forefront of calls for Government to devolve more resource and responsibility to cities and local areas. We argue that local areas should have a leading role in building better learning, employment and skills services for people and employers, to help deliver full employment, improved productivity and a fairer society.

Local People : Local Growth argues for a step-change in devolution and sets out how local areas could use these powers in practice. We identify five priority areas:

  • 1.Local leadership: we have argued the £1.5bn Adult Education Budget should be devolved, with cities responsible for overseeing learning, skills and employment services to ensure they are integrated and co-ordinated, and tailored to local needs.
  • 2.Full employment: employment boosted by co-commissioning new employment support programmes, enabling local areas to ensure integrated back-to-work support with a particular focus on people with health conditions and disabilities.
  • 3.Life skills: all adults to have achieved key life skills by 2030, through a new Citizens’ Curriculum, doubling efforts to improve functional literacy and numeracy.
  • 4.Apprenticeships: local responsibility for raising apprenticeship numbers and quality, by working with local employers and training providers.
  • 5.Low pay and productivity: boosting demand for Advanced Learner Loans to increase intermediate skills and building a Career Advancement Service for low paid workers. Local areas should share in the extra revenue that boosting progression brings.