Growing traineeship programmes

This resource has been written for traineeship providers who want to grow their traineeship programmes, and for providers who do not yet offer traineeships but who hope to do so in the future.

The aim of a traineeship is to help young people gain the skills and experience they need to get an apprenticeship or job. Traineeships are a highly flexible programme which providers can tailor to their local context, to the needs of particular groups of young people and to local employers. This enables them to address skills gaps, contribute to local growth and support young people who are not in education, employment or training (NEET) into meaningful and sustained work.

Over the last two years, many providers have grown their traineeship provision and are delivering these programmes to a wide range of young people. We consulted with some of these traineeship providers and asked them to identify the key success factors that had enabled them to grow their traineeship programmes. This resource presents their top tips for other traineeship providers.