Close The Gap: The Learning and Work agenda for the next Mayor of London

London is one of the world’s truly great and iconic cities. It draws in people and ideas from around the world, offering unprecedented opportunity. It is a vital engine of the UK economy and a job and prosperity creating machine.

However, too many Londoners are locked out of these opportunities. Some of the richest parts of the country sit alongside some of the poorest parts. For many, the gleaming towers of Canary Wharf are another city entirely.

The pressures are growing. Too many people, including those on middle incomes, are struggling to get by with the high cost of living. Buying a house is a distant dream for most and rents are rising. London still has a lower employment rate than the UK average. This leaves a tale of two cities: one of people on higher incomes, with great opportunities and able to make the most of all London offers; the other of people battling to make ends meet, locked out of employment or trapped in low paid work.