A Woman’s Place

In 2008-2009,NIACE worked with women from the Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Somali communities in three London boroughs. A Woman’s Place project was designed to bring women in these communities together, identify their learning needs and help them access adult learning. The lessons learnt and the discoveries made in the project have been put together to produce invaluable guidance for practitioners, ‘barefoot workers’ and policy makers.

These resources contain adaptable and relevant information and case studies that can be adopted for programmes with similar aims. It has been designed to support current policy, community cohesion, and particularly to complement the policy document, A New Approach to English for Speakers of Other Languages (DIUS, May 2009) and the White Paper, The Learning Revolution (DIUS, March 2009). It suggests methods and recommendations for local authorities, key partners and providers at local level and provides advice to ensure that formal and informal learning is focused on priority groups.