A better future for us all

Our population is aging: today one in three people are aged over 50, and this number is rising. We are living longer, which can mean more time to do things we love, to contribute to society and to watch our families grow and flourish.

But it is also brings challenges for public policy like living longer with a higher incidence of health conditions; longer and more diverse working lives; and ensuring financial security.

We believe that learning has a wide array of benefits that can help to meet these challenges. This paper, produced collaboratively with expert partners who form the National Older Learners Group, identifies 10 benefits that learning can have for older people. It also sets out the following three aims:

  • To improve access to learning opportunities for those in later life.
  • To build better local partnerships and collaboration so that lifelong learning supports wider public policy.
  • To ensure policy decisions in other fields do not harm or block learning opportunities, delivering effective use of limited public money.