Work and Careers

Work and Careers

Many adults take part in learning in order to help them access work or to progress in work. Having access to a range of high quality opportunities to learn for and in work is vitally important for creating a society in which all adults can benefit from learning at every stage of their lives. We believe all adults should have sustained and fulfilling careers which will benefit them, their families, the communities they live in and the wider economy.

Despite the UK’s relatively high employment rates by international standards, 4.5 million people are on out-of-work benefits and disjointed back-to-work and in-work support has resulted in too many people being stuck in a ‘low pay, no pay’ cycle. In addition, 5 million people in work are paid below the Living Wage, resulting in more people experiencing in-work poverty, which has led to low productivity, limited career opportunities, inadequate living standards, and a lack of business prosperity.

Our work is supporting the development of better integrated support across learning and skills, employment, and other services such as health and housing, to help more people into sustained employment. We are also developing advancement support to individuals and employers, including through the promotion of Traineeships and building world class Apprenticeships.

Through our three flagship programmes we are supporting providers to adopt a more integrated, outcome-focused approach can deliver better results and influence policy to help more people find work and progress: