Ten Policies for Ten People

Together with Inclusion, we are proposing ten practical policies which the next Government can and should implement in its first 100 days.

For every 10 people in low paid work only 1 escaped 10 years later

Helping low paid workers progress and earn more money

We're calling for a trial Career Advancement Service ahead of a full national rollout by 2020.

1 in 3 apprentices get a pay rise

High quality Apprenticeships

We're calling for the launch of an Apprentice Charter quality mark.

Piggy Bank

Putting people in charge of their own learning and careers

Introducing Personal Career Accounts will help reverse recent falls in learning and training. 

850,000 migrants are not proficient in english

Making migration work

We're calling on the Government to expand the number of ESOL classes while encouraging people to take up the opportunities to learn.

1 in 5 adults lack basic skills

Ensuring everyone has the skills they need: A Citizens' Curriculum Programme

Our proposals for a Citizens’ Curriculum approach to adult learning will mean more people get to gain skills which are relevant to their lives, their needs and their work.

Half of disabled people out of work

Better support for disabled people and those with health conditions

Our proposal calls for the Government to re-structure future employment and skills support for disabled people and those with health conditions.

Learning and earning routes for young people

Our proposal calls for the Government to develop plans for a new Learning & Earning route for young people.

310,00 young adult carers miss out

Unlocking the talents of our Young Adult Carers

Our proposal details the actions the next Government must take to help unlock the talents of Young Adult Carers.

6.4 Million adults do not use the internet

Helping older people gain digital skills for the 21st century

Our proposal calls for the Government to establish a programme of Training to support Older People and carers to rapidly gain the skills they need to access online services.

Only 10% of job seekers have found work

Work and career support for the long-term unemployed

Our proposal details how the Government should ensure the replacement for the Work Programme is fit for purpose.