Personal Choice

Our Manifesto argues for a new Personal Skills Account for all adults to help people decide what skills development will work best for them, boosting personal choice and control.

Our vision is of a shared investment in learning - from learners, employers and the state - with a wider offer of career review and development opportunities. Career reviews at key transition points can help people make informed choices about the investment they make in their own development. State investment and employer skills investment will make up the tripartite funding which every adult needs across their lifetime.

Our Mid-life Career Review programme demonstrated just how powerful investment in career guidance at key transition phases, such as returning to the labour market after prolonged caring, can be. It leads to better decisions about the skills and learning which will meet employer demand and deliver the extended working lives local and national economic strategies require.

We are currently developing an Apprentice Charter in collaboration with employers, providers and apprentices. It will provide the apprentice with a clear understanding of the contribution they must make and encourage a commitment from employers to give their apprentices the best possible experience for a solid foundation for their entire working lives.