Our 6 devolution asks

We think local areas across the UK should have more say over learning, skills and employment.

In England, we’re proposing six priorities for devolution which will foster local talent to drive sustained growth:

1. Enabling responsive local delivery: Government should devolve appropriate budgets to empower better, co-ordinated local delivery of learning, skills and employment services.
2. Life skills: Ensure all adults have key life skills by 2030, through a new Citizens’ Curriculum.
3. Apprenticeships: Local areas should work with employers to boost Apprenticeship numbers, tackling local skills gaps, whilst also offering pathways to progression.
4. Low pay & productivity: Trial a Career Advancement Service focused on helping low paid workers progress within more productive businesses.
5. Tackling skills gaps: Tackle key skills gaps by boosting demand for Advanced Learning Loans.
6. Full Employment: Boost employment by co-commissioning new employment support programmes.

In Wales, a City Deal for Cardiff has been announced recently- we believe that learning and skills partnerships should have further responsibilities devolved to enable them to better deliver learning, skills and employment.

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