Lifelong learning has direct social and economic benefits, and can help to reduce costs in other high cost areas of public policy such as pensions, health, social care and welfare. Yet the latest international studies show that other OECD countries are better at realising the potential of their people, and in the UK, investment by employers and the state have reduced in recent years leading to a skills crisis amongst the UK working age adult population.

Our learning and skills system relies on tripartite funding - from the public purse, by employers and by individuals themselves - with policy varying significantly across the UK and depending on subject, level and learners' age. In our Manifesto we call for a wide-ranging review to develop a coherent and sustainable policy and funding system for skills after the age of 16.

Our work explores the best approaches to increasing investment in learning and skills, including how to make the current advanced learning loans system work more effectively.


24+ Advanced Learning Loans

Since the introduction of 24+ Advanced Learning Loans, we have worked closely with government, providers and learners to support the development and effective implementation of this policy


Supporting learners through the advanced learner loans process

Learning and Work was commissioned by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills and the Skills Funding Agency to explore providers' and learners' experience of 24+ Advanced Learner Loans. Find out more