Policy Solutions

Our series of snappy policy think-pieces, called Policy Solutions, are designed to inform and influence policy makers.

Policy Solutions start a dialogue and generate discussions with our members and supporters. But we also want to be provocative and constructive, enabling us to forge new relationships through discussion and debate within the learning, skills and employment sectors and beyond.

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Our Picks

Exploring models for part-time and flexible apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are a key government policy to support transition to the labour market, social mobility, economic growth and improved productivity. While evidence shows that the benefits to apprentices, to businesses and to our wider economy and...

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Apprentice Pay – Sticking to the Rules

This report presents the findings from our research and makes recommendations for improving employer awareness of and compliance with the National Minimum Wage for apprentices.

The following policy solutions were published by NIACE and the Centre for Economic and Social Inclusion, before they merged in January 2016 to form the current Learning and Work Institute.