National Family Learning Forum and Family Learning Local Authority Group

“Family Learning” describes any learning activity that contributes to a culture of learning in the family. Family Learning develops the skills of adults and children and builds strong resilient families, helping to break down intergenerational cycles of disadvantage.

The work of the National Family Learning Forum for England and Wales takes forward the recommendations of the Family Learning Inquiry and we continue to press for:

  • More direct investment in Family Learning through both the Pupil Premium (in England) and the Pupil Deprivation Grant (in Wales)
  • Better integration of family learning into the new localism, for more coherent planning, delivery and support for social mobility
  • Cross – government department board with responsibility for family learning

The National Family Learning Forum is supported by the Department for Education (DfE). And focuses on identifying how Family Learning can make a positive difference to policy and practice by:

  • Representing the views of Family Learning providers to government departments and national agencies
  • Sharing intelligence on issues, priorities and evidence from research and practice in relation to Family Learning activity
  • Identifying opportunities to promote the benefits of Family Learning
  • Supporting members to strengthen policy and practice
  • Supporting Government departments to deliver key policies through Family Learning

The National Family Learning meets face to face three times each year to:

  • Exchange information, evidence and practice regionally and nationally
  • Interact with representatives of government departments and key national organisations
  • Support planning and delivery of family learning
  • Develop recommendations for national and local government


Heads of Service, Family Learning senior staff and senior representatives from stakeholder organisations.

The National Family Learning Forum works closely with FLLAG (family learning local authority group) and supports the annual FLLAG conference, which offers members an opportunity to engage in dialogue, share experiences and learning on current issues.

Key contacts

NFLF Chair: Cath Harcula

NFLF Manager: Susan Easton, Head of Digital and Family Learning, Learning and Work Institute

FLLAG Chair: Dawn Hall, Doncaster Council

For further information please contact Susan Charlish.


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The “Family Learning Future leaders programme” identified future leaders of family learning and enabled them to develop their skills, knowledge and networks with the rest of the sector.

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