National Advisory Group for Peer Volunteering and Learning

The National Advisory Group for Peer Volunteering and Learning (NAG) aims to strengthen the relationship between learning and volunteering in policy and practice. It promotes strategic and operational cross-sector collaboration between organisations with an interest in peer-to-peer volunteering and learning in communities, to increase the reach and impact of local activity. To achieve this, it:

  • Shares intelligence on issues, priorities and evidence from research and practice in relation to community-based peer volunteer activity, with a focus on learning
  • Identifies opportunities within policy development to embed the enhanced benefits that can be gained by having a mutual focus learning and volunteering in communities
  • Identifies opportunities for members to take forward specific actions to strengthen policy and practice
  • Supports Government departments in their work to improve community learning and volunteering policy, including across Government

A range of publications and other outputs have been produced by the group to further its work.  Nationally, it has influenced policy development in community learning and other sectors, and has impacted on practice in local partnerships and projects.

Members include:

  • Third sector organisation and learning providers leading the development and delivery of community volunteering and learning initiatives
  • Infrastructure and sector representative organisations in the learning and volunteering sectors
  • Representatives of Government departments and agencies

The group has open membership and if your organisation is interested in contributing to its work, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Key contacts

For further information or to get in touch, please contact Susan Charlish.



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