National Adult Education Stakeholder Groups

Learning and Work Institute co-ordinates a number of adult education stakeholder policy groups for the Department for Education.

These groups exist to:

  • Promote discussion and action on current and emerging issues in the implementation of adult education and wider public policy
  • Facilitate the sharing of good and emerging practice in response to current developments in adult education and related wider policy agendas
  • Provide a channel for dialogue between Government and organisations working with learners who are disadvantaged in their opportunities to access learning and employment support
  • Produce outputs of various kinds to further their work.

Each group has its own Terms of Reference and independent Chair.  Together, they encompass a wide range of perspectives from across government departments and from the public, private and third sectors.  Their membership includes both organisations that have adult education as their core purpose, and those for which it is a secondary focus.

The groups work through individual network meetings, webinars and cross-group policy roundtables on priority issues.


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