Webinar: Positive Career Choices for Young Adult Carers

  22/03/2018 12:15   Event ID :9103

This webinar will introduce participants to the new Learning, Work and Wellbeing Toolkit for young adult carers.

The toolkit is designed to enable staff at carers services, learning providers and careers advice services to work with young adult carers, either on a one-to-one basis or in groups, to help them make informed choices about education, training and employment opportunities.

The Learning, Work and Wellbeing Toolkit was co-designed with six carers services and their young adult carers as part of our Positive Career Choices project. Funded by the Department of Health, this two-year project aimed to enable young adult carers, aged 16-25, to achieve the same level of success in education and employment as their peers.


11:45pm         Log on and set up

12:00pm        Welcome and introduction to the Positive Career Choices project

12:10pm         Introduction to the pack and the ‘Think, Get, Keep’ model

12:20pm         Involving and co-producing with young adult carers

12:30pm         Using the pack with young adult carers

12:40pm          Skills for careers guidance

12.50pm          Using ‘Think, Get, Keep’ to improve your service

12.55pm          Questions and evaluation

13.00pm          Close