Traineeships: Why they work Conference

  26/09/2017 09:00   Event ID :8048

Traineeships continue to form an important part of the skills and employment agenda, providing flexibility and benefits to young people and employers. Traineeships are uniquely placed to support a range of policy priorities including youth employment, pathways to apprenticeships and the Youth Obligation.

The Traineeships: Why they work Conference aims to provide a practical insight into effective and innovative ways in which the traineeship programme is being delivered to secure positive outcomes for young people, employers and local areas.

Benefits of attending:

  • Insight into effective ways of delivering traineeships with a range of young people, including young people who are NEET and with high support needs.
  • Understanding of current and emerging policy and how traineeships fit within this context.
  • Ideas about how to plan and adapt their traineeship programmes to meet local strategic priorities and skills gaps.
  • Practical insight into key factors that contribute to high progression rates into apprenticeships and employment.
  • The opportunity to shape the debate and influence DFE’s plans for traineeships

In particular we would like to encourage organisations to attend who are currently delivering an existing traineeship programme, or are interested in designing a new traineeship programme.