Step Up: supporting progression out of low pay

  09/03/2018 09:30   Event ID :9039

An event hosted by Learning and Work Institute, Trust for London and Walcot Foundation.

A fifth of the population in London are in low-paid jobs and one in ten are at risk of insecure employment. Just one in six people escape from low pay over 10 years. Addressing these challenges is at the heart of poverty reduction and economic competitiveness, and will be crucial to ensuring the success of Universal Credit as it rolls out.

Despite a growing number of initiatives at city and city-region level, we know relatively little, nationally and internationally, about the impact of labour market policies and initiatives on helping people in low-paid jobs to improve their earnings.

This one-day event, will bring together sector experts to discuss the implications for future policy and commissioning. Learning and Work Institute will present findings from the evaluation of Step-Up, an innovative programme funded by Trust for London and the Walcot Foundation piloting new approaches to helping low-paid workers in London. Participants will have the opportunity to attend workshops showcasing innovative practices from across the UK.

Aim of the event

  • To showcase current in-work progression initiatives from across the UK.
  • To share and debate evidence on “what works”.
  • To identify how government, commissioners, employers and service providers can shape effective policy, promote good practice and build capacity in this new area of provision.


Who should attend?

If you’re involved in researching, developing or shaping policy on low pay and progression, or in commissioning or delivering support for people in low pay, then we’d like you to be part of the debate.

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