National LEAFEA Autumn Meeting

  19/10/2018 09:30   Event ID :11987

The Local Education Authorities Forum for the Education of Adults (LEAFEA) exists to promote the development of adult learning in and by local authorities in England. Adult learning is seen as a key component of local government agendas to help everyone achieve their potential, to give people a better quality of life, to promote health and well-being, to strengthen communities, assist in providing work and to provide services that meet community needs.

Open to members of LEAFEA. Interested in becoming a member, please contact the LEAFEA team.


The LEAFEA termly network meetings offer members the opportunity to:

  • hear about emerging policies, practice and research;
  • meet representatives of key national organisations;
  • come together and engage in dialogue on current issues;
  • send messages to government departments and other agencies.

This meeting will provide the opportunity to consider some major challenges facing the sector

The focus of this national meeting is the current change agenda and members will have the opportunity to help shape the LEAFEA response to shifts in policy and how we seek to influence decision makers over the coming year.