Developing a Jobs-Plus model for the UK

  10/01/2019 14:30   Event ID :14100

Report launch: Developing a Jobs-Plus model for the UK

Thursday 10 January 2019, 14:30 – 16:00

Invitation only.


This event will launch our proposal for an innovative, evidence-based and community led approach to transform low-income communities.

The proposals, developed with 19 social landlords across Britain and built on the highly successful model implemented in the United States, sets out a new approach to increasing employment and financial independence for individuals, in particular those living in social housing.

Jobs-Plus is built on three key elements, which together create a genuinely community-led service rather than a traditional employment programme:

  • Community support for work
  • Intensive, coordinated and neighbourhood-based support
  • Rent incentives to make work pay

The aim of this event is to:

  • Bring together policy professionals and representatives from the social housing sector.
  • Celebrate the work of participants in the project.
  • Provide an opportunity to discuss what action needs to be taken to secure funding for prototyping and trailing.

Learn more about this project

The paper sets out proposals for the detailed design of a Jobs Plus prototype. This scoping work has been underpinned by in-depth interviews, workshops and site visits with the landlords supporting this work and wider partners; as well as independent assessment of the feasibility of robustly evaluating Jobs-Plus, and detailed modelling of the costs of taking this forward.

We are seeking to now develop this further, in two stages:

  1. An initial prototyping stage, involving more detailed and local design work and operational testing of in up to five Jobs-Plus sites across Great Britain, running for two years in each site;
  2. A formal trialling stage if the above prototyping shows promise, which would involve rolling out Jobs-Plus in at least twenty neighbourhoods, with a similar number of ‘control’ neighbourhoods, and running for four years in each site.

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14:30  Welcome and introduction

14:40  Presentation on Jobs Plus ‘Tony Wilson’ former Director of Policy and Research at L&W, current Chief Executive of Institute for Employment Studies.

15:10  Open discussion on the challenges and opportunities that this project presents, and practical approaches and ideas for progression

15:45  Closing remarks and what next ‘Stephen Evens’, Chief Executive of L&W

16:00  Close