Housing, Learning and Work Conference

  27/02/2020 09:30   Event ID :15416

Housing associations have long focused not just on building homes, but on building communities. This year, Communities that Work (formerly GUAC) have joined up with Learning and Work Institute to host the Housing, Learning and Work Conference.

Whilst the employment rate stands at a record high, big challenges in our labour market remain. Many groups – including social tenants – face persistent and significant barriers to work and too many people who are in employment face low pay, insecurity and barriers to progression.

This joint conference brought together social housing and the employment and skills sectors to explore the challenges our communities face, and to focus on the policy and commissioning landscape. Sessions shared what works for improving life chances, preparing people for long term, sustainable employment and create vibrant working communities.

The conference focused on these key discussion points:

  • Universal Credit and welfare reform – what has been the impact of Universal Credit on social tenants, and on housing associations? We will hear how housing associations have been supporting tenants to manage the transition.
  • Work disability and health – social tenants are particularly likely to face disability, health and mental health related barriers to work. Experts will explore the recent developments and next steps in work, health and disability policy, and explore best practice from housing associations in supporting people to overcome barriers and access work.
  • In-work poverty and in-work progression – while more people than ever before are in work, too many people are trapped in low pay. Sessions will examine the nature of in-work poverty, and what can be done to support in-work progression.
  • Apprenticeships and technical education – the Government is seeking to boost the number and quality of apprenticeships to boost productivity and to help people progress in work. How can housing associations support tenants to access apprenticeships and support workforce development.
  • Community led social investment – housing associations have a clear remit to put people at the heart of services, supporting asset-based approaches and community driven interventions. What are the current and most effective approaches to nurturing community led change?

Our conference sponsors

Posters and exhibitors

Our poster exhibits

Move On Up
Commonweal Housing and Quaker Social Action showcase their innovative and unique new project ‘Move On Up’ which tailors individual support for young adult carers aimed at overcoming barriers and establishing independent living.

Foundations for Life
Karbon Homes present their holistic, customer-centred approach to employability. The personalised support plan helps those with multiple barriers unlock their full potential and reach and maintain their long-term goals.

Residents reaching their potential through entrepreneurship
Increase VS is an innovative partnership between English and French housing associations (including Radian, Clarion Futures, Optivo) and training providers supporting residents to reach their potential through entrepreneurship and employment.

Employment focused counselling
Pure Insights is an employment focused counselling organisation with over 18 years of experience in supporting clients with complex barriers progress towards employment. See how clinical interventions and coaching can significantly improve long term unemployment, wellbeing and job readiness.

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Clarion Futures


The Digital College


Institute of Swimming


The Regenda group