CfRC Annual Conference “A nation in debt: creating a robust response to the crisis”

  19/10/2020 09:15   Event ID :15417

A nation in debt: creating a robust response to the crisis

This year’s conference will respond to the challenges posed by the Covid-19 outbreak, which has created a huge shock to household incomes, the financial sector and the economy as a whole.  The pandemic is exposing problems with the FCA’s rules concerning lender forbearance, persistent credit card debt and overdraft pricing, and is placing both commercial lenders, Credit Unions and CDFIs under enormous pressure.  Although, at the time of writing, the FCA has proposed a payment break of three months for borrowers impacted by the outbreak and interest free overdraft borrowing of up to £500, it is likely that there will be a huge accrual of debt before the lock down is ended.  Even then, it may take many more months for households to get back on their feet.


The conference will assess the new landscape of household debt and look at how we will need to improve the financial services system to deliver better outcomes for borrowers in a post Covid-19 environment: ensuring that those who borrow are able to do so at fair and affordable prices and in ways which are sufficiently flexible to help them through tough times.  We will also be looking in detail at the potential need for a wider write-off of problem debt, and at the possible mechanisms for this.

Attendees, will also hear:

  • About how effective the consumer credit markets are helping people in debt under new pressures.
  • The latest developments in our Rent-flex trials, which we are taking forwards with Optivo, One Manchester and Metropolitan Housing Associations.
  • find out about the new project, with Jubilee Debt Campaign, which aims to organise groups of debtors so that these have a more direct input into policymaking.


The conference reaches out across traditional divides, bringing together the financial services sector with local authorities, the social housing sector, not for profit affordable credit providers, FinTechs, and debt and community-based advice agencies.

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