CfRC Annual Conference

  21/03/2019 09:15   Event ID :14151

Creating trust in financial services

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How can we create trust between users of financial services and their providers?

The 2019 conference will look at this critical issue from different perspectives: those of service users and service providers, and from a wide range of stakeholders including national and local policymakers, debt advice, and financial support agencies.

The conference will consider creating trust in financial services provision and will challenge current payment and credit referencing and scoring practices as examples of systems built on suspicion, surveillance, and punishment.

Speakers/workshops will look at how the market, including new FinTech developments, are treating people with histories of financial problems, and at what more is needed to improve support. Delegates will also see/hear about practical examples of measures that can be taken to foster trust in product and service design.

Who attended?

The conference attracted delegates from agencies involved in the design and delivery of policy and provision at both the national and local levels and will be of particular interest to:

  • Financial services providers, including banks, FinTech companies, and the community finance sector;
  • Providers of financial capability and financial inclusion projects;
  • Housing, consumer and debt advice agencies;
  • Local authorities;
  • Trade unions and employers; and
  • Voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations.

For opportunities and to find out more, contact Damon Gibbons.

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