Adult Learning Conference: People, Place, Partnerships – Delivering Lifelong Learning for Wales

  16/05/2018 10:30   Event ID :10622

Learning and Work Institute is pleased to bring you this year’s adult learning conference in partnership with the Adult Learning Partnership Wales.



Wednesday, 16 May 2018

10:30 – 15:30



Cardiff City Stadium, Leckwith, Cardiff, CF11 8AZ


Aims of the conference

Changing demographics and a changing economy requires us to re-think our approach to the delivery of learning and skills for adults. What works, what needs to change, in terms of policy and practice.


The conference will seek to debate how can we respond to need, grow participation, improve and measure outcomes for citizens, and revitalise community education?


We are a small country but we can have big ideas to develop Wales as a world leader in lifelong learning.



:   £65


Exhibition Stand

If you are interested in having an exhibition stand at the event, please register your interest with Wendy Ellaway-Lock