Adult Learning Conference: developing a right to lifelong learning

  20/09/2019 09:00   Event ID :15250

Last year the Welsh Government committed to developing a right to lifelong learning. With evidence continuing to show the value of lifelong learning and adult education to help people to adapt to the changing nature of work, to improve health and well-being and to bring communities together, we have an opportunity in Wales to work together to make a new right to learning a reality.

The conference will discuss and examine the key components needed to deliver a right to lifelong learning, including the role of colleges, universities, community learning, training providers and the third sector.  It would look at how to provide independent careers advice, how to work with local health services and what we can learn from experiences elsewhere in Europe. It will also explore the opportunities for creating and promoting a culture of lifelong learning.  The outcomes of the conference will be used to help support Welsh Government policy and thinking.


Keynote Speaker

Bethan Sayed, AM


Radisson Blu Hotel, Cardiff

Meridian Gate, Bute Terrace, Cardiff CF10 2FL


09:30 – 16:00


Public/Private Sector – £80 + VAT

Voluntary/Community Sector/L&W Supporter – £70 + VAT

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