Moser, twenty years on: an adult basic skills policy roundtable

  24/10/2019 10:00   Event ID :15339

View highlights from the event here.

In 1999A Fresh Start – the Moser report – broke new ground by highlighting the national challenge of poor adult literacy and numeracy skills, and set out a series of recommendations to eradicate poor basic skills. Twenty years on, nine million adults still have low levels of basic skills, and despite the availability of free courses, participation in adult literacy and numeracy provision has declined by around 20% in recent years.  
An estimated five million adults in the UK workforce have poor basic skills, impacting on the ability of business to improve productivity and respond flexibly to economic uncertainty. 

And as we debate Britain’s place in the world, we must ensure that all adults are equipped with the basic skills needed to participate in civic life and democratic debate.  With millions held back from opportunities in life, in learning, and at work, it is critical that we renew our focus on tackling this national challenge.

This invitation-only roundtable shared the latest thinking and expert opinion in adult basic skills. 
Drawing together expertise from research, policy and practice, it will identify the actions needed, and foster new collaborations, to help tackle the national challenge of poor basic skills.