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Lauren is a Researcher at Learning and Work Institute and specialises in qualitative research and analysis. She is experienced in conducting both telephone and face-to-face interviews and undertaking desk research.Lauren graduated with a History and Politics degree from the University of Sheffield in 2013. After graduating she began writing reports for the digital journal, The Global Summitry Project, which led to her attending the G20 Summit in St. Petersburg as a Press Correspondent. Between October 2013 and January 2014, Lauren completed a Public Affairs Internship at a leading Communications Consultancy. She also writes blogs for the think tank Future Foreign Policy, and was chosen to speak about the UK's Foreign Policy Priorities at their launch event.Since joining Inclusion as a Research and Communications Intern in 2014, Lauren has built on both her knowledge of public policy and qualitative research skills. She is particularly interested in employment provision for disadvantaged groups as well the impacts of welfare reform. During her internship Lauren undertook analysis of the affect of the income and benefit changes on residents for three local councils. She also produced case studies of good practice in disability employment provision for the Learning and Work Institute's Fit for Purpose report.Lauren is currently working on the evaluations of employment support for young people NEET on behalf of the City Bridge Trust, undertaking interviews with mentor's and mentee's for the London Mayor's Mentoring programme evaluation and supporting the qualitative evaluation of programmes and provision under Pathways to Success Northern Ireland. 

More to do to engage adults with Advanced Learner Loans
23 October 2017 by Lauren Bennett

More to do to engage adults with Advanced Learner Loans

Although the recently published statistical first release on Further Education and Skills in England demonstrates concerning falls in apprenticeship starts and adult participation in Further Education including English and maths and Level 2 courses, there is...Read more »