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What’s needed to reform prison education?
19 May 2016 by David Hughes

What’s needed to reform prison education?

Learning and Work's chief executive, David Hughes, examines the funding and delivery reforms needed to deliver true reform to prison education. 

5 May 2016 by David Hughes

“Are we fetishising co-location?”

“Are we fetishising co-location?” asked Karen Buck, MP and member of the DWP Select Committee. I was watching the evidence session live yesterday morning because Tony Wilson, Learning and Work’s Policy and Research Director, was giving...Read more »

15 April 2016 by David Hughes

Four things the next London Mayor can do for Learning and Skills

Learning and Work Institute's Chief Executive David Hughes blogs about the history of learning and skills in London, our roundtable discussion and four outcomes that could impact learning and employment for Londoners.

17 February 2016 by David Hughes

Can the UK achieve good living standards and inclusive growth?

Learning and Work's chief executive David Hughes reflects on the Resolution Foundation's annual audit of living standards in the UK which was published earlier this week.

22 January 2016 by David Hughes

Helping Government reforms achieve high quality apprenticeships

At our roundtable with Policy Exchange yesterday, the Skills Minister, Nick Boles, set out a thorough and clear set of reforms he is driving forward to ensure that the 3million apprenticeship target is met through high quality. ...Read more »

11 January 2016 by David Hughes

Welcome to the Learning and Work Institute

Welcome to Learning and Work Institute. We’re a new organisation built on the solid foundations of NIACE and Inclusion, two organisations with longstanding success and impact.   Learning and Work Institute will operate across the learning,...Read more »

29 October 2015 by David Hughes

English, maths & ESOL in a devolved world

David Hughes examines the threats and opportunities for English, maths and ESOL funding ahead of the Spending Review. 

29 September 2015 by David Hughes

Quantity through quality

David Hughes reflects on the four key issues that emerged from the apprenticeship debate at the NIACE and AoC fringe event during today's Labour Party conference.

14 September 2015 by David Hughes

The impact on me

David Hughes reflects back on the European Agenda for Adult Learning Conference that was held in London 10th-11th September 2015 as part of our series of #EUlearning blogs.

21 August 2015 by David Hughes

What can the apprenticeship levy do for apprentices?

David Hughes puts Apprenticeship quality central to funding debate.

29 May 2015 by David Hughes

Our agenda for the new Secretary of State for BIS

This piece was originally published in the Times Educational Supplement on Friday 22 May 2015.

23 April 2015 by David Hughes

Are the storm clouds really rising?

David Hughes discusses the ‘perfect storm’ facing employment, learning and skills and what the next Government must do to help the skills system change for the better.

21 April 2015 by David Hughes

The opportunities we need to seize

David Hughes, Chief Executive of NIACE, offers an overview of all of the General Election manifestos and the learning and skills opportunities they present.

13 April 2015 by David Hughes

What’s in the Labour manifesto for learning, skills and employment?

“We believe that Britain only succeeds when working families succeed. As the economy at last recovers, people want the opportunity to use their skills and talents to make a better life for themselves and their children. Our country’s greatest asset is the hard work and talent of our people.” Ed Miliband

27 March 2015 by David Hughes

Making migration work

Imagine being worried about how your children are doing at school, but not having the language skills to talk confidently to their teachers. Or understanding what your doctor is telling you. And having skills, but not being able to get work because of your weak English.

12 March 2015 by David Hughes

Dangerous times for the Apprenticeship programme

There are many employers offering great Apprenticeships for people who will get a great start to their career, with the support they need to progress to better jobs and to become lifelong learners. Those are the employers who also benefit from great staff who will help improve productivity and business success. And then there are others where the experience of the apprentice is not so good.

Could a new localism lead to the creativity and innovation needed in our sector?
6 November 2014 by David Hughes

Could a new localism lead to the creativity and innovation needed in our sector?

For a while I thought that the devolution debate, which flared up around the time of the referendum in Scotland, would sneak into the background. And then the Chancellor announced that Greater Manchester was set for...Read more »

Feeling optimistic about our messages following the Labour Party Conference
23 September 2014 by David Hughes

Feeling optimistic about our messages following the Labour Party Conference

I always seem to leave Manchester in the sun and it’s happened again as I leave the Labour Party Conference after a couple of fascinating days. We were there to promote our manifesto for a truly...Read more »

Too many good reports?
8 September 2014 by David Hughes

Too many good reports?

Are there too many reports setting out the challenges we face in learning and skills and the solutions we need to put into action? Yesterday was a great example of this, with four reports – from...Read more »

Skills at 35
7 February 2013 by David Hughes

Skills at 35

On Tuesday night I spoke at a National Skills Forum seminar in the Houses of Parliament on the subject of Skills at 35, along with two great students, amongst others. It was an interesting session and...Read more »

Where are we with public engagement in universities in the UK?
7 December 2012 by David Hughes

Where are we with public engagement in universities in the UK?

I spoke at the National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement conference in Bristol yesterday, and posed an important question – “Where are we with public engagement in universities in the UK?” The role universities can play...Read more »

22 November 2012 by David Hughes

A new faith in freedoms and flexibilities?

After more than 48 hours engrossed in endless discussion and debate about further education, skills and learning with colleges from around the country, I came away wondering what I had learned and whether things are changing.

A week down under
7 October 2012 by David Hughes

A week down under

I’ve just returned from a fascinating week in Australia where I met lots of people, made a few speeches and took part in a major conference on the Future of Work. I was a guest of...Read more »

27 September 2012 by David Hughes

The role we can all play in addressing inequalities in adult learning

One of the challenges I wanted to face up to when I joined NIACE was to decide what to do with the results of the annual survey of learning participation, which has become an annual event since the mid-1990s.

“So, what will the new NIACE look like, then?”
29 November 2011 by David Hughes

“So, what will the new NIACE look like, then?”

This is the question which I have been asked most often since I was appointed to the NIACE role. It’s a great question to ask and I will make an attempt to answer it, but before...Read more »