Our Mission

  • We are an independent policy, research and development organisation dedicated to promoting lifelong learning, full employment and inclusion.
  • We research what works, influence policy, develop new ways of thinking, and help implement new approaches.
  • Working with partners, we inspire people to learn and help transform people’s experiences of learning and employment.
  • What we do benefits individuals, families, communities and the wider economy.

Priority Areas

  • Lifelong learning.
  • Employment and social security.
  • Essential and life skills.
  • Pay, progression and security.
  • Apprenticeships and technical education.
  • Social justice and inclusion.

We will deliver our strategic priorities through:

  • A fundamental commitment to equality and diversity: we will seek to understand, challenge and address inequalities in learning and work.
  • Strong leadership: Our Trustees and senior staff need a wide spread of skills and experience.
  • Professional and skilled staff team and associates: We need a strong team of staff and associates with experience, credibility and relationships.
  • Partnership: We will build strong relationships with a wide range of supporters and partners.
  • Secure and diverse funding: We will be clear about the work we want to carry out, the costs involved and the funders and partners we will work with.
  • Clear measurement of impact: We will build clear measurements of the impact we want to achieve.

Full 2018-23 Strategic Plan available here.