Apprenticeship statistics release September 2018: Our Response

13 September 2018

Stephen Evans, Chief Executive, Learning and Work Institute:

“The latest apprenticeship statistics appear to show a new ‘steady state’ of apprenticeship starts of around 20-30,000 per month. This is much lower than before the introduction of the Levy and other reforms and makes the Government’s 3 million target look increasingly out of sight. In any case, at Learning and Work Institute we argue the real focus should be on boosting quality and widening access and tackling the barriers to participation that too many groups of people face who would like to take up an apprenticeship.

Our research shows much greater action is needed to tackle these inequalities, including a new Apprentice Premium and benchmarking apprenticeship standards against the best in the world. We brought together ideas on improving apprenticeships in our essay collection, produced earlier this year.”