New ESOL Local Partnerships Project

24 May 2018

Learning and Work Institute is pleased to be launching a new project on local English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) networks and partnerships. The work, commissioned by the Department for Education, will explore and develop ways in which local co-ordination of ESOL can support effective delivery of a range of English language programmes, and help remove barriers to language learning.

L&W’s evidence – such as our 2017 report on ESOL provision in London – suggests there is a need for greater local co-ordination of ESOL learning opportunities to create ‘joined up’ provision, with a variety of language learning opportunities that meet the needs of learners, support progression to further learning and employment, and help to create more integrated communities.

The project will produce effective practice guidance to encourage collaborative working and support local areas wishing to develop local ESOL partnerships. If you are part of an informal local ESOL network, a formal ESOL partnership, or working with others to set one up, L&W is keen to hear from you.

For further information, please contact Head of English, maths and ESOL, Alex Stevenson.