New DfE ‘5 Cities’ project launched

1 February 2018

Apprenticeships and Skills Minister Anne Milton has announced the launch of a new project to increase underrepresented groups taking apprenticeships. Learning and Work Institute is supporting the 5 cities with the design, delivery and evaluation of the pilots, on behalf of the Department for Education.

Stephen Evans, Chief Executive, said:

“Apprenticeships are a great way to combine learning and earning, and so unequal access to them is a burning injustice. This is something we have consistently highlighted and so we are pleased to be working with the Government and the five chosen cities for the project to identify ‘what works’ in improving the take-up of apprenticeships among under-represented groups, including those from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) backgrounds.

Tackling these inequalities will require a partnership, so the commitments made by the Minister, by the mayors of five of our major cities, and by key employers are welcome. They represent a positive start, but to turn these aspirations into reality we need to go further and be even more ambitious, leaving no stone unturned in making sure everyone who could benefit from an apprenticeship has the opportunity to do so.”

Read the full government statement here