IntoWork17 Blog: Collaboration: Working Together Work

7 July 2017

By Sally Ross, Community Engagement Officer – Magenta Living

“We really need to work together on this…”
How often do you have a conversation about collaborating but never get beyond that statement of good intentions?

Housing associations in the Liverpool City Region had been talking about working together around employment and skills, but had never seemed to get past an informal network of individuals who want the best for our tenants and are happy to share good practice.

The build up to Work & Health Programme pushed us to get beyond good intentions and start working together. We knew that our tenants would be WHP customers and that not acting quickly would lead to a missed opportunity to shape the services that they will receive. Our joint prospectus produced by PublicCo outlines a single offer and point of contact for the potential Prime Contractors and they’ve responded warmly to our approach. Procurement is still on-going, but we’re hopeful that we’ve developed a positive relationship.

We haven’t stopped there though… with more support from PublicCo the group has begun to develop a community investment strategy and identified opportunities for more proactive joint working that we can pursue. It’s very early days – the strategy is still at a draft stage – but if our learning from the Work and Health Programme prospectus has shown us anything it’s that working together works.