New young adult carers website for Carers Week 2017

12 June 2017

Today is the beginning of Carers Week 2017, which this year is focussed on building carer-friendly communities. Learning and Work Institute has long worked to support learning providers and employers to be more young adult carer-friendly.

Despite saving the taxpayer £5.5bn per year, the 314,000 young adult carers in England miss out on opportunities in education, employment and their wider lives because of a lack of awareness and appropriate support. Since 2008, Learning and Work Institute has worked with policy makers, learning providers, employers and young adult carers themselves to improve access to education and employment for this group of young people.

To help improve the support for young adult carers and create more carer-friendly communities in education and employment, Learning and Work Institute has launched a new website: ‘Learn, Work, Care’ – The website brings together all of Learning and Work Institute’s projects, policy work and resources for young adult carers and the staff who support them, as well as linking to a wide range of existing materials which aim to improve young adult carers’ access to and support in education and employment.

It has two different sections: one for young adult carers and one for professionals who support young adult carers. The professionals section includes a set of online training modules for staff to familiarise themselves with the challenges that young adult carers face and the effective support that can be put in place for this group of young people.

Nicola Aylward, Head of Learning for Young People at Learning and Work Institute, said:

“Today we are delighted to launch Learn, Work, Care – our dedicated website to help the 1 in 20 young people with caring responsibilities to access and achieve in education and work. Young adult carers are in every classroom and every workplace, but they are often don’t get the support they need due to a lack of awareness.

Learn, Work, Care is a one-stop-shop for young adult carers and the professionals who work with them for information about learning and employment. It includes a wide range of resources, materials and information, and our new online training modules will help colleges and other learning providers to raise awareness of young adult carers and the types of support that are effective in helping these inspirational young people to achieve their goals.”