Delivering in-work progression support for low paid workers

2 March 2017

Our first interim report from the Step-Up evaluation brings together learning from the programme’s first year on engaging with and delivering services to low-paid workers.  Covering recruitment practices; service messaging; delivering services; engaging employers; and facilitating earnings outcomes; the report highlights good practice and challenges from the experiences of Step-Up delivery partners, who are supporting low-paid workers in Lambeth, South London to improve their earnings.

With 5 million UK adults in low-paid work, and three in four people stuck in low pay for over a decade, new policy solutions are urgently needed.  Funded by Trust for London and the Walcot Foundation, the Step-Up programme launched in October 2015 aiming to test new approaches that help low-paid workers increase their earnings and progress into better jobs.  Six organisations are trialling different delivery models and targeting different groups of workers in order to learn what works (and what doesn’t) in helping low-paid workers to progress.

The evaluation by L&W will report in early 2018.

Download – Step-Up Year 1 learning report final Feb 2017.pdf