Learning and Work Institute – at the heart of public sector apprenticeships

20 January 2017

Learning and Work Institute (L&W) is helping public sector organisations to meet their apprenticeship targets and assisting them to recognise the benefits of apprenticeships to their organisations. L&W is identifying best practice and ensuring that public sector employers are supported to design and use good quality apprenticeship standards that are appropriate for learners and their business needs.

L&W has welcomed the DfE’s response to the Public Sector Apprenticeships Targets consultation and is pleased that they are taking on board important points raised by those who took part in the consultation and that, through showing flexibility with targets, the public sector will be leading the way to meet the Government’s 3 million apprenticeship target.

Dr Fiona Aldridge, Assistant Director, Learning and Work Institute said:

“We are at the heart of helping the DfE to boost the number of apprenticeships in the public sector. Gathering best practice from across England we are working to inspire organisations who haven’t yet embraced apprenticeships or are yet to determine how to make best use of the levy.

“For the UK Government to hit its ambitious apprenticeship target, it is crucial that the public sector leads by example in creating as many opportunities as possible.

“Apprenticeship opportunities must be good quality, appropriate for learners and meet the business needs of organisations.

“Early work has identified some interesting initiatives in the public sector, including opportunities for staff development, creating roles for young people and widening access to apprenticeships.

“We are looking forward to sharing these example case studies over the coming months to give public sector employers ideas and support to meet their apprenticeship targets.”