What Employers Want programme provides new opportunities for young people

2 November 2016

With the success of the What Employers Want programme, culminating in the creation of the What Employers Want website, Learning and Work are pleased to announce the exciting next phase of the project to tackle youth unemployment.

Working with Barnardo’s, Communities First, Drive Forward, and Sheffield Futures (Talent Match), 40 young people will be trained as ‘Action Researchers’ to interview and find out what skills employers want from young people.

The project will include young adult carers and care leavers and is part of Learning and Work Institute’s role as National Co-ordinator of the European Agenda for Lifelong Learning.

The programme provides young people with both improved employability skills, increased confidence and increased understanding of what employers are looking for when recruiting. Employers who have taken part have reported benefits to their business planning and recruitment, with several having hired ‘Action Researchers’.

Nicola Aylward, Learning and Work Institute’s Head of Learning for Young People, said:

“We are delighted that the What Employers Want programme continues to prove useful for young people and those working with them. The project is flexible and can be used with a range of different young people, including those with learning difficulties, young adult carers, and care leavers.

“The next stage is exciting. We are looking forward to working with all of our new partners to support young people on their journey towards employment and sharing the findings of their research. The work will help to update the What Employers Want website and will be showcased at national impact forums and a seminar for policy makers from across the UK and Europe to discuss the findings and actions.”