Learning and Work Institute responds to government apprenticeship announcement

25 October 2016

Following the UK Government’s Supporting Apprenticeship Announcement today, Learning and Work Institute Chief Executive responds.

Stephen Evans, Chief Executive of Learning and Work Institute said: “We are pleased to see that today’s government announcement on supporting apprenticeships has recognised some of the changes we called for last week in Making the Apprenticeship Levy Work.

“It is critical that apprenticeships are high quality and accessible to all. We’re therefore pleased that today’s announcement ensures that extra resources will be available for people from disadvantaged areas to access apprenticeships and that there will be full funding of all 16-17 year olds.

“There is however further action needed to boost the quality of, and the access to, apprenticeships. We have recommended an Apprentice Premium to help support disadvantaged groups. Our research shows some groups such as BAME often miss out.

“We strongly believe that the focus should be on quality. Prices should be fixed for each Standard and providers should compete on quality alone, not price, avoiding a race to the bottom.

“The support that the government is offering to training providers to adapt to the new system must be wired permanently into the new system, rather than just a temporary arrangement.

“As the government has outlined, it is also essential that apprenticeships align with industrial strategy and what employers want.”