Apprenticeships and Traineeships on the up

7 October 2016

Following the release of government figures showing more people than ever are taking advantage of apprenticeships and traineeships, with a further rise this year, Stephen Evans, Chief Executive of the Learning and Work Institute, commented:

“It’s great news to see that more and more apprenticeships are being created and taken up. It is also good news that more young people are participating in traineeships. This is a strong programme that makes a difference, helping young people to bridge the gap between education and apprenticeships or work.

“To build on this success and have greater impact, providers and employers should consider tailoring traineeship programmes to specific sectors and developing local solutions to address skills shortages. We also believe that to build on this success, the government should explore extending the programme to young people who are further from work than those for whom traineeships were originally designed.

“Many young people who are not in education, employment or training (NEET) experience challenges in the transition to employment, but could successfully bridge the gap through an intensive traineeship that is tailored to their specific needs.”

“We must also continue to sustain and improve the quality of apprenticeships and make them more accessible to those who are currently under-represented, including those from BAME backgrounds and with disabilities.”