The Brave New World of JobCentre Plus

13 July 2016

Today I spoke at the IntoWork Convention about the Future of Jobcentre Plus, sharing some of the ideas Working Links has on how the service can continue to best serve its customers in its expanding role. This agenda is one we think is of immense importance right now, and my colleague Brian Bell was actually giving evidence to the Work and Pensions Committee on the same subject as I spoke.

To go forward, it is imperative that we understand the characteristics of our customers and that is why we invited our partner, Professor Christina Beatty, to come and speak about some of the research Working Links have undertaken with her, specifically on the characteristics of claimants who may require extra support.

With this research in mind, we are looking to ‘kick start’ a discussion on what the best possible service outcome is for the segment of customers who require high levels of extra support, but are not on the Work and Health Programme; essentially, those between the Work and Health Programme and Jobcentre Plus.

One idea we are looking at to generate further discussion amongst the industry is the idea of a ‘centre within a centre’ inside Jobcentre Plus. This centre would provide more specialist support for those who are identified as requiring it.

As an organisation we are very positive about the role Jobcentre Plus will play. To take this forward I would love to hear your thoughts on this proposal and any ideas you have. Please do contact me:

InterWork2016 LogoRaza Khan is Director of New Business at Working Links.

This blog is part of a series of blogs produced at IntoWork Convention 2016