What works best for deaf customers?

12 July 2016

Clarion UK delivered a Masterclass on ‘Getting it Right for Deaf customers’ at the annual IntoWork Convention at the International Conference Centre, Birmingham.

Bob Marsh, UK Business Development Manager, who is Deaf himself, gave a personal and business insight into what works best for Deaf customers who are referred onto the Government’s 3 current main W2W programmes. The aim was to develop an appropriate level of awareness so that Prime Providers and partners ensure they include an accessible and effective specialist employability support service within their supply chain to customers who are Deaf and hard of hearing.

Attendees also learnt of the current facts and figures released from latest research including an expected increase in population of those with hearing impairments from 11 million (2015) to 15.6 million in 2035, just a third of employers being aware of Access to Work, key employment challenges and how Clarion UK addresses these challenges with their award-winning specialist provision.

The session provided evidence that it cannot be stressed enough the importance of involving specialist employability support providers, like Clarion UK, with innovative support for Deaf and hard of hearing customers; especially for the forthcoming Work and Health Programme.

If you would like to know more about Clarion UK’s specialist employability support for Deaf and hard of hearing customers please get in touch with Bob on bob.marsh@clarion-uk.com

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Bob Marsh is UK Business Development Manager for Clarion UK

This blog is part of a series of blogs produced at IntoWork Convention 2016