L&W response to disability apprenticeship recommendations

11 July 2016

In response to recommendations from Paul Maynard’s taskforce on access to apprenticeships for those with disabilities, David Hughes, Chief Executive at Learning and Work Institute said:

We’ve long been concerned with the quality of apprenticeships and how access can be improved. I am delighted that the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills and Department for Work and Pensions are working together to make the link between apprenticeship access, the Government’s three million target and the ambition to halve the disability employment gap. 

English and maths is one of the major areas of focus. The new measures that BIS have announced today, provide LDD learners with flexibilities around English and maths curriculum and assessment to ensure that those that can succeed have the opportunity to do so. 

We are already working with BIS to support them in taking forward a number of the recommendations by identifying effective non-traditional recruitment practices for LDD apprenticeship applicants, and the use of effective technology. 

It’s not every day that task forces like this can impact on two major Government policy drivers; halving the employment gap and achieving three million apprenticeship starts. Today we have published proposals on making the new Work and Health Programme work better for people with disabilities. With confidence and ambition from government and the sector, I am optimistic that these reforms will make a marked difference in the life chances of people with health conditions and disabilities and show the world what a truly inclusive labour market and apprenticeships system looks like.