Learning and Work Institute respond to Sainsbury Review and Skills Plan

8 July 2016

The government has today (Friday 8 July) published the Post-16 Skills Plan and the findings of the Independent Panel on Technical Education led by Lord Sainsbury detailing bold reforms to technical education.

Proposals ranging from defined technical education pathways from intermediate to higher levels, tougher regulation of qualifications and an expanded role for the Institute for Apprenticeships have been welcomed by Learning and Work Institute.

In response, Learning and Work Institute Chief Executive David Hughes said:

“The Skills Plan provides a clear way forward for technical education and a welcome sense of commitment and direction from the Government. I congratulate Lord Sainsbury and his team on what is a comprehensive set of recommendations to improve the coherence of technical education alongside apprenticeships.

“Although clearly focused on 16-19 year olds, learning and skills can, as the Skills Plan says, provide security for working people as labour markets evolve, jobs change and our interests and talents develop. I welcome this further demonstration of the government’s commitment to lifetime learning.

“With the employment rate at an all time high, the Skills Plan rightly acknowledges that a key task for a functioning  technical education system is to help people to boost their earnings through progression in-work and be accessible to people who need extra support on to the career ladder. That’s why I particularly welcome clear progression pathways for adults mid-career as well as for 16-18 year olds.

“Learning and Work Institute is keen to engage in the reform process. In particular, we want to see more flexible education and training provision made eligible for Advanced Learning Loans and are keen to see Traineeships play a key role as part of the transition year proposals. Our STEM Traineeship work in the Humber shows how powerful a combination of learning well-structured work experience can be in opening doors to employment and further learning for young people.

“This is, rightly, an ambition plan which rests on timely and successful implementation of other reforms, such as the introduction of the apprenticeship levy and completion of area review recommendations, over the next six years. We look forward to supporting providers and government make the most of the opportunities these reforms can provide to learners, employers and the economy.”